openCARIBBEAN aims to be one of, if not, the largest independent repository of open data in the Caribbean.

openCARIBBEAN is not a governement portal. It is implemented as a public service by Code for the Caribbean, an initiative of the Caribbean Open Institute and powered by Slashroots Foundation.

Along with portals from Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago Open Data Repository and other Caribbean countries, we aim to make openCARIBBEAN to be the most reliable portal for organizations, volunteers or activists in the Caribbean to import their data. The platform would be available as a free resource for citizens, civil society organisations, civic activists, the media, and government agencies.

The data is free for re-use and republishing as long as our stated policies are followed. The provider of each dataset has also chosen an appropriate license for users of their data.

Open Caribbean Data is collaborative with Caribbean Open Institute (COI) and Code for the Caribbean (CFTC).